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We are pleased to announce the following Student Leaders for 2019.

College Captains

Willow McFarland and William Taylor

College Vice-Captains

Jaimee Luck and Elizabeth Shine

Junior School College Captains

Maximus McArthur and Mitchell Skrypek

Lucas Byrnes and Ella McFarland


Junior School College Vice-Captain

Kayte O’Donnell

Senior School House Captains


Ethan Johnson and Joe Woods

Blue Gum

Ruby McErlean and Shay Thompson


Meg Earl and Jourdan McCready


Alicia Crowhurst and Kayla Ellis

Middle School House Captains


Kai Iwao and Hayley Marks

Blue Gum

Tamsin Savery and Georgina Tenny



Elly Garrett and Judd O’Donnell


Evie Basham and Isabella Maclay-Ross

Junior School House Captains


Taama Iwao and Cohen Somerville-Bott


Blue Gum

Karla Bezuidenhout and John Carver



Zane Garrett and Samuel O’Flaherty



Hayden Boath and Samuel White


Junior School Hub Leaders

Eliza Altamura and Alex Savery

Junior School Digital Technologies Leader

Elliot Delaine and James Tenny


Junior School Eco Leaders

Owen Ashworth, Anthony Jaensch, Jack Kay and Chelsea Pearce


Junior School Performing Arts Leaders

Zara Hart and Mitchell Kelsey

Junior School Community Wellbeing Leaders

Evie French and Allara Ramasawmy

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