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The start of a new year is always an exciting time in the life of a school and this year is no different.  2020 brings new beginnings, new friendships, new experiences, for some a new campus and for all of us, a new Principal!  In celebration of this, Year 3 to Year 12 students gathered with 2019 graduates and invited guests as we commissioned Mr John Robinson, Principal of Investigator College, and recognised the achievements of our 2019 graduating class.

On behalf of our College community, Bishop Keith Dalby, Diocese of the Murray, along with Board Chair Mrs Rachel Elliott, Deputy Principal Mr Andrew Panozzo, and College Captains presented John with gifts as they acknowledged his  leadership and pledged their support.

The 2019 graduate awards winners were presented with the following awards:

Alcorn Rebekah English *Merit
Boysen Matilda Drama
Czarnecki Daniel Communication Products (Photography)
Czarnecki Daniel Research Project ‘A’
Deacon Ruby Visual Arts
Delyster Jake English Literary Studies
Earl Meg Essential English
Gale Jasmine Food Technology
Glass Toscana Japanese
Hodge Genevieve Geography
Hollingworth Sophie General Mathematics
Hollingworth Sophie Psychology
Luck Jaimee Child Studies
Mahoney Jackson Agricultural System
Mahoney Jackson Digital Technologies
Mignanelli Jess Business and Enterprise
Mignanelli Jess Information Processing and Publishing
Norris-Green Bailey Material Products (Wood)
O’Flaherty Mckale Physical Education
Robertshaw Jackson Health
Panozzo Jennifer Research Project ‘B’
Shaw Harrison Essential Mathematics
Shine Libby Chemistry
Shine Libby Mathematical Methods
Shine Libby Physics *Merit
Shine Libby Specialist Mathematics
Temple Marlee Food Technology
Van Den Heuvel Sarah Music Ensemble
Van Den Heuvel Sarah Music Performance
Whitburn Amber Biology
Whitburn Amber Business and Enterprise
Whitburn Amber Legal Studies *Merit

Our Runner Up Dux is Ethan Johnson with an ATAR score of 98.15.
The Dux of the College is Libby Shine with a total ATAR of 99.1 – one of 16 students who achieved 90 or above.

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