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The Investigator College Board has continued to hold its meetings via Zoom in May and June, with a further face-to-face meeting held in June for the Board to continue its work reviewing the College Constitution.
Over the past few months, the Board has focussed on a range of business and financial matters including the College Fee Billing and Collection Policy.  The Board has also been considering aspects of its governance such as the re-establishment of some sub-committees of the Board as well as the establishment of other key groups and committees under the leadership of our Principal, John Robinson, to provide an advisory function through the Principal to the Board.

In my April update I advised that the Board was considering a date for the 2020 Annual General Meeting given the restrictions, and I am pleased to advise that the Investigator College Annual General Meeting for the 2019-20 year will be held on Wednesday 25 November 2020.  I will continue to provide information via Directions in Term 3 regarding the process to nominate for vacancies on the Board and other matters related to the AGM.

On behalf of the Board, I wish you all a safe and enjoyable school holiday break.

Rachel Elliott
Investigator College Board Chairperson

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