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We want to build a trusting and honest relationship with each other and the community we serve, valuing confidentiality and openness equally.

Transparency within a school or a community is characterised by openness, accountability and honesty. It addresses truth and holds each person accountable for upholding the truth – even if that truth is difficult or unpalatable.

Mahatma Gandhi once said “Truth never damages a cause that is just.”

As a society, however, we seem to have a growing difficulty with transparency and with truth-telling. This difficulty is perhaps a logical outcome as we are rocked by the behaviour of our political leaders, our most “trusted” institutions such as churches and banks, not to mention sports and entertainment stars.

True transparency begins with trusting and honest relationships. This is why we are ‘rocked’ by revelations such as those described above – institutions and champions in which we place our trust and that cater for some of the most vulnerable people in our community let us down.

Given this disillusionment with our institutions, our propensity to avoid change and the growing difficulty in parenting young people in such a world, Investigator College seeks to be a stable and trusted friend and partner with our families.

Within a trusted and honest partnership, difficult conversations around a child’s progress or indeed the long-term strategy for development of our facilities can take place in a respectful, genuine and transparent relationship.

When I know that feedback being provided to me comes from the heart of someone I trust and who I know to be honest – even where the feedback is not easy for me to hear- I understand it is provided in love to enable me to improve myself, my parenting or my relationships.  It is an important part of Investigator College’s charter to be open about the College, be it “good news” or “not so good news”, as well as to respect confidentiality as far as is possible.

This is transparency.

Don Grimmett,

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