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Congratulations to all parents and caregivers

Sometimes in our lives we encounter individuals or groups with fixed mindsets. People with these mindsets believe that their talents and abilities are unalterable, and cannot be improved. Their learning is stifled, because they will not venture beyond their comfort zone, and see effort and persistence as pointless. They are not open to feedback, and often resent the person offering it. People with a fixed mindset generally turn their back on new approaches and stick to what they have done in the past, without evaluating its effectiveness.

Those with a growth mindset on the other hand, embrace challenges, seeing them as an opportunity for individual or collaborative growth. They welcome feedback and constructive criticism, as they strive for personal growth and opportunities to learn. Those with a growth mindset are more likely to persist and practise skills, to bounce back from setbacks, to evidence grit and determination and be open to multiple ways of solving problems. With this ability to solve problems comes increased self-respect, and the cycle continues. Research shows that improved health, sleep, levels of physical activity and general wellbeing are all given a boost.

“A ship in port is safe, but that’s not what ships are built for. Sail out to sea and do new things.” – Rear Admiral Grace Hopper, US Navy

As parents and caregivers, I would like to thank you all for modelling a growth mindset.  As shown through the remote learning trial and pandemic-driven restrictions, you have been open to learning new skills and ways to solve problems. Consider the excellent example you have set when your children have seen you relish new learning and challenges, demonstrate grit and persistence (even in the College car park), openness to feedback and a willingness to bounce back from setbacks. You might still be in the “not yet” stage of acquiring a skill, but your wisdom and experience enables you to realise that through effort you will get there.

Congratulations to all parents and caregivers on the outstanding example you set for our students. I am very proud of my association with you and know that together we are going to achieve big things at this fine College.

The playground reopens!

With safety of paramount concern, we have planned the reopening of our wonderful Junior School playground very carefully. Please note the following:

  • Year levels will be rostered to use to enable social distancing and hygiene procedures.
  • The playground (and nature play monkey bars) will be disinfected every afternoon. Unfortunately, this means the playground is out of bounds for all students after school (including Camp Australia). The playground is also out of bounds before school.
  • Students will enter and leave the playground from specially marked entrance and exit.
  • Hand sanitiser will be available at the entrance and exit. Teachers have been rostered on to ensure that students use the hand sanitiser before and after use.

Canteen Volunteers Needed

We are currently seeking volunteers to help in our canteen, to enable students to purchase snacks at recess time.  Note that all volunteers must be registered through the College and have a current Working with Children Check. Please email Elly Parker if you are able to assist or for further information.

Anglican and proud of it!

As an Anglican College, Investigator College has strong links with Adelaide’s finest schools as together we strive to provide the richest education possible for your children.

Among these are St Peter’s College (Boys), St Peter’s College (Girls), Pulteney Grammar, St Andrew’s, St Peter’s Woodlands, Walford, Woodcroft, Trinity and St John’s Grammar School. This is in addition to leading Colleges from around the nation including Geelong Grammar, Caulfield Grammar, Abbotsleigh, Cranbrook, Shore and The King’s School.

This year our staff has begun regular communication with teachers in other Anglican Colleges and this is going to bring enormous benefits to your children. I look forward to reporting on some of these in future editions.

In the meantime, please stay safe and enjoy being a member of the Investigator family.

John Robinson

A Word From The Chairperson…


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