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As a part of the Year 5 Geography Unit on Bushfires, we were fortunate to have a visit from the Mount Compass CFS recently. CFS personnel explained the process of how to become a CFS volunteer, what they wear and why, when to leave a property in the event of a fire, and when to stay, what to do if you have to stay on the property, what would need to be packed in an evacuation bag, and things to consider when doing a household bushfire plan.  It was a very informative session with many questions being asked by the students.

The volunteers then showed our Year 5s the fire trucks and explained how and why they are equipped the way they are.  For example, most of us did not know that a fire truck labelled 24P means that the truck holds 2,000 litres of water, and has a 4 horse-power pump. These trucks are usually used for car crashes, whereas the 34P is more commonly used for bushfires.

To end the visit, each of us were able to have a go on the water hose. The pressure was immense, so we had to hold on tight. It was a fantastic experience for all of the students and we are very thankful to the Mount Compass CFS for sharing their time and knowledge with us.

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