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Year 6 Pynor and Year 10 Agriculture have participated in the 2018 Cows Create Careers program, caring for dairy calves and studying the care of calves and the dairy industry.

Students have looked at careers in the Dairy Industry and had sessions with the Dairy Farmer, Steph Walker, and a Dairy advocate, Alice Morley. Many students throughout the College have benefited by being involved with the care of the calves.

The Cows Create Careers program also involves a competition where students had to complete Scientific Reports and a Research Project on an aspect of the Dairy Industry.
Two of our students, Jai Smart and Shenae Williams, came third in this component of the program!

Upon completion of the program, students took part in a combined school event where they were awarded prizes and participated in further learning together.

This has been a fantastic experience in learning about the Dairy Industry.

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