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The Year 4 classes visited our Currency Creek Eco Centre as part of their Biological Sciences unit. Students engaged in a range of activities that focused on the lifecycles of living things, ecosystem and the connections between plants and animals.

There was a focus on the importance of biodiversity in an ecosystem and protection of threatened plant species. Students were involved in the Stewardship of Endemic Endangered Species (SEEDS) Project organised through the Botanic Gardens of South Australia. The College has been allocated the threatened plants species Calocephalus citreus to propagate and plant out at our site.

These before and after photos show the re-vegetation that has been completed in an area affected by erosion. The planting focused on repairing damage and preventing any further damage.


Students also learnt about the lifecycles of frogs, how to identify different frog species, their role in the ecosystem, and what we can do to protect them.

Students were also involved in nature play activities, like cubby house construction and creating artwork as they spend time outside exploring the natural environment.

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