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Year 1 – Late Night In

Year 1 students prepare for camps, with a ‘late night in,’ returning to the school after dark for fun games and activities.

Year 2 – Narnu Farm

In Year 2 students participate in a single night camp at Narnu Farm. This camp compliments their History unit of investigation, “Farming Technologies”. Students enjoy a range of activities including horse riding, butter making, blacksmith and traditional ploughing demonstrations, animal feeding and much, much more! This camp is usually undertaken in Term 3.

Year 3 – Aldinga Camp, Aldinga Beach

In Year 3 students participate in a two day, one night camp at Aldinga Caravan Park. This camp introduces students to the more active and adventurous element of the outdoor education program and includes activities such as swimming, team building and community building. This camp is usually undertaken in Term 3.

Year 4 – El Shaddai Camp, Wellington

In Year 4 students participate in a three day, two night camp in Wellington. Students enjoy a range of activities from rock climbing to social skill building and orienteering to arts and crafts. This camp is usually undertaken in Term 4.

Year 5 – Illawonga Camp, Murray River

In Year 5 students participate in a four day, three night camp on the Murray River. This ecological camp is where young South Australians develop an understanding of the importance of the Murray River as a natural resource, an understanding of the cultural and historical significance of the Murray River, increase awareness of the human impacts on our environment and highlight our responsibilities towards the Murray River. In addition to this, students experience the fun of aquatics on the river, power boat exploration on the river, a fully equipped gymnastics facility and tours to local industry. This camp is usually undertaken in Term 4.

Year 6 – Canberra Trip

In Year 6 students participate in a six day, five night camp to Canberra. Specifically linked to the Year 6 curriculum, the camp provide tremendous opportunities for the students to grow together while exploring the significant sites in and around Canberra. Some of the sites visited during the camp include Parliament House, the Australian Institute of Sport, Australian War Memorial and the Royal Australian Mint. Weather permitting, a day is also set aside for tobogganing at a nearby snowfield. This camp is usually undertaken in Term 3.

Year 7 – Port Hughes Camp

Year 8 – River Murray Camp

Year 9 – Flinders Ranges Camp

Year 10 & 11 – Choice of Camps and Activities

Year 12 – Retreat – Adelaide

Japan Tour Year 9 – 11 – Various Regions of Japan

This tour is usually undertaken in Term 3 School Holidays (Sept/Oct).

Much more than a tour, Japan offers students the opportunity to be totally immersed in another culture. Discover who you really are as you ‘live’ in a culture full of adventure and fun. Students experience a short homestay with a host family and get a taste of school life in Japan as we participate in daily school life at our sister school. Along with that, spend time in Tokyo, the world’s most populated city, experience the emotion of Hiroshima Peace Park, the beauty and history of Kyoto, technology at Toyota in Nagoya, and the excitement of Disneyland and Universal Studios.
Being immersed in another culture, experiencing the diversity of history and the latest technology, along with making lifelong friends, are just a small part of what makes the Japan Trip an amazing, life changing experience.

European Study Tour (Alternate Years)

Offered every second year and led by highly experienced staff and guides, this study tour truly brings to life what lessons in a classroom never could!  Rome, Paris, Venice, Munich, Florence and London are just some of the highlights. Students experience, first-hand, the great events, monuments, discoveries, people and places that underpin Western Civilisation.  Students not only experience living history, but can also see, feel, touch and taste the cultures of other lands and peoples. For any student interested in History, Art, Literature or Science, this is a once in a lifetime tour not to be missed!