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On Wednesday 15 and Thursday 16 March, our student leaders travelled to the Adelaide Entertainment Centre for the annual GRIP Student Leadership Conference.

GRIP stands for Generosity, Responsibility, Integrity and People.

This practical and interactive training for school leaders aims to energise and invigorate students and equip them with great ideas to bring back to their school.

Our students had a great day and were challenged with their planning, questioning and reasoning skills.

Students were educated on what makes a good leader and shifting their mindset from self to others – a skill that leaders need to embrace.

The conference also gave students the opportunity to meet and network with leaders from other school.

One of the sessions ‘Making your school a great place for everybody’ was designed to assist students to quickly analyse their schools strengths but also to focus on the areas of need.

Students then went to various optional sessions, to ensure they could obtain and share all the information presented on the day.

The topics of these sessions were:

  • How to make every student feel valued
  • How to get everybody on board with a new idea
  • How to replace conflict with unity.

All of our students enjoyed the “Loud Noises” segue sessions which saw students get up and energised, bringing some brave souls to the stage.

Connor, Sam and Angelina all showed the courage to get up on stage and all their Investigator peers loved supporting their bravery.

“It was so fun and enjoyable” Lucas Tunbridge.

“I learnt a lot of leadership skills” Stella Walsh

“We learnt lots of skills about how to be a leader” Zara Altamura

“I loved the day and learnt lots” Sebastian Roesler

“The GRIP leadership team were very kind” Savannah Bennetta

“It was very worthwhile and super fun” Emily Soper

“It was highly engaging” Levi Weedon

Students were abuzz with ideas and we will meet soon to discuss how we can bring some of the strategies and ideas to our College.

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