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Investigator College is having great success with keeping and breeding endangered native freshwater fish. The Agriculture classroom is teeming with tiny endangered fish in the newly constructed aquariums. Recently we have increased the number of species and now house Purple Spotted Gudgeon, South Eastern Yarra Pygmy Perch, Murray Darling Basin Yarra Pygmy Perch and the Tandanis Cat Fish. We have five large tanks and four large display aquariums. Some of the fish are part of the aquaponics system and we are soon to add floating grow beds to the other tanks to regulate nutrients in the water and grow food. This is a ingenious way to combine agriculture and conservation.

Long term, the fish breeding at our Victor Harbor Campus will extend to our Currency Creek site where we are currently preparing a section of the lagoon with permanent water for the purpose of breeding endangered fish. This initiative is a joint project with Aquasave NGT, NRM and Investigator College.

This conservation project has captured the interest of many students and is another way to promote and engage students in sustainability.

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