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On the evening of Wednesday 4 September, students and parents from Alexandrina, Victor Harbor and Yankalilla Council areas met at the Alexandrina Library Service to find out who the winners of the Mayors’ Short Story Competitions would be.

From over 1000 entries into the competition, 11 students from Investigator College were shortlisted across four categories.

Congratulations to Senior School student Gabby Cook, who was announced as the overall winner for the City of Victor Harbor, Year 8-10 Category. Read Gabby’s winning entry (Slam Poetry) below.

Congratulations also to category winners:

Eliza Altamura (Year 5 – 7 Victor Harbor)

Hamish Farrelly (Year 3 – 4 Alexandrina)

Georgie Byrnes (Rec – Year 2 Alexandrina)

Congratulations to all shortlisted students:

Summer Hayward

Jarred McCombe

Myla Wegener

Georgina Tenny

Ebony Hughes

Cohen Sommerville-Bott

Lucas Byrnes


Gabby’s winning entry:

Slam Poetry

I am a hero


Kindness has become a tornado of pretend,

We forget to breathe the truth in the wind

Instead we consume the lie in the breeze


I am a hero


Kindness a common good, a basic lesson, has been lost

A theatrical stint

A tool of personal gain; A praise

The world has lost interests of generosity

but plunder in the pursuit of greed


I am a hero


kindness is a tree,

of full of lush green leaves

twigs intertwine with stories

now dead, with nothing left but

a struggle to hold the smallest hope

the last green leaf falls

because kindness, we fear, carries with it a burden of unwarranted connotations

a mockery of soft hearted character

a flaw filled branch trellised (tre-less-t) and bound in trend


Yet I am a hero


I do not defy gravity or contort lasers with my eyes,

I do not shoot webs from my finger tips or move metal with my mind


But I am a hero


The world does not call upon me with a symbol in the sky,

Or a message though some magical third eye,

It is my heavy soul that needs to be soothed by the sight of kindness

That compels this dear hero to save the town called home,

Little by little


I am a hero


In kindness lies happiness but,

Kindness is seen as a performing art

Something like a masquerade

Life painted in a different shade

By those who want a praise filled parade

So, when real kindness finally shows the curves of its face

We question it

What’s is the catch? This can’t be true?

Kindness for me means you want something too.


But I am a hero and I believe in

A smile to make a small moment worthwhile is

A heart filled with hope,

And a hope filled heart is where great happiness may start

It may seem like a heavy task,

But share a glimpse of your kindest part

Breathe in the wind

Uncover what has been hiding underneath

Embrace it. Be a hero.


In kindness, my happiness grows fonder

In the days that I can do nothing but wander

I could still pick up my kindness and throw it to the crowd

Because my kindness goes unseen but not unnoticed.

A smile I create is a smile of my own.

Each small unseen act of kindness,

Is an art form in its finest


I am a hero.

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