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Congratulations to Mr David Marks, one of 10 Japanese teachers from around the world chosen to participate in the Hakuho Japanese Language Exchange Program. In November 2019 the selected teachers will meet and share in language classes and tour parts of Japan.

In March next year Mr Marks will then take four Investigator College students to Japan for two weeks for them to participate in the program. The students will participate in language classes with Japanese learners from the nine other countries, tour Tokyo and Kyoto, visit schools to do activities with Japanese students and have a two-night homestay.

All expenses are covered by the Hakuho Foundation.

What is Hakuho Japanese Language Exchange Program?

In a globalized world, mutual understanding and acceptance of the diversity of lifestyles and cultures of other countries is crucial. Hakuho Japanese Language Exchange Program aims to provide opportunities for Japanese and overseas students to deepen their understanding of each other and to grow into internationally-minded people through intercultural experiences and international exchanges in the Japanese language.

Preparatory Training in Japan for Overseas Teachers

-Preparatory training in Japan for overseas teachers (excluding Japanese nationals) participating in Hakuho Japanese Exchange Program.
Teachers prepare for participation in the program by discussing ways to maximize learning effectiveness, etc., while also gaining new knowledge and skills useful to them in their roles as Japanese teachers.

Hakuho Japanese Language Exchange Program

-A program for students (aged 12-16) who are studying Japanese at overseas schools.
Students visit Japanese schools for exchanges and intercultural experiences in Japanese with students of the same age, deepening understanding and interest in the Japanese language and Japanese culture.


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