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Native Plant Clearance Sale | Investigator College

$1.00 each – All Plants Must Go! Plants are in great condition.

See Plant List below. To order please email Nat Gilbert

All plants grown by Investigator College students and all money raised is used to purchase equipment and resources to promote our Environmental Education programs. Our current fundraising project is our Currency Creek EcoCentre Jetty upgrade.

Plant List

Ground Covers:
Austrostipa Spear Grass
Disphyma crassifolium round leaved pigface
Carpobrotus rossii Pigface
Kenedia prostrata Running poastman
Clematis microphylla Old mans Beard

Small shrubs:
Dianella revolute Blue flax liliy
Eremophila maculata (purple) Emu bush
Rhagodia candolleana seaberry salt bush
Ficinia nodosa knobby club rush
Eremophila nivea silky eremophila
Senna artemisioides Silver cassia

Medium-Large shrubs:
Banksia ornata (small) Desert banksia
Templetonia retusa Cockies tongue
Hakea Mitchellii Desert hakea
Dodonea viscosa sticky hopbush
Myoporum insulare native juniper
Melaleuca uncinata Broombush
Acacia iteaphylla Flinders Range Wattle
Callistemon rugulosa Scarlet Bottlebrush
Xanthorrhoea semiplana tufted grass-tree

Allocasuarina verticillata Drooping Sheoak
Eucalyptus erythrocorys Red capped gum
Eucalyptus cosmophylla Cup Gum
Eucalytptus forestiana Fushia Gum
Agonis flexuosa Willow Myrtle
Eucalyptus fasiculosa Pink Gum
Eucalyptus platypus Round leaved Moort (small)
Eucayptus odorata Peppermint box
Eucalyptus camaldulensis Red Gum
Corymbia fiscifolia Red Flowering Gum

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