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Keeping school children interested in healthy eating can be challenging.

Eating regular meals results in better mental acuity, learning and memory, improved work performance, better strength and endurance, and overall attitude also improves. Teachers really notice the difference when students are not eating a fulfilling recess or lunch and are hungry, distracted and lethargic during lessons. A number of online resources are available to assist parents and caregivers with suitable meal ideas for young children and growing teenagers, but if you are unable to convince your child to eat (or remember to take) their packed lunch why not try a healthy lunch order?

Investigator College is proud to operate a fully-equipped canteen, which provides healthy, affordable meals and snacks, in line with the SA Rite Bite Healthy Food & Drink Supply Strategy.

Lunch orders can be placed via email or directly through the canteen and are often much more appealing and equally (if not more) nutritious than a packed lunch.

2019 Menu Victor Harbor

2019 Menu Goolwa

Email: Goolwa Canteen

Email: Victor Harbor Canteen

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