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Investigator College had an outstanding day at the SA Schools Cross Country Championships (formerly known as SAPSASA) winning both the outright shield and the handicap shield at Kent Reserve.

It was a great credit to all Investigator College students who competed, with every one of them contributing to the points system that resulted in the win. To win both shields is a huge credit to the College.

Four of our students won medals, with Taama Iwao winning gold and Sam White silver for the 2008 boys race. Max Brown also won gold, Jack Meaney ran a stunning race for bronze, and Kai Iwao came in fourth for the 2005 boys race.

Many thanks to the staff and parents who assisted.

Other race results from the day –

2008 girls:

5th Nikke De Villiers

8th Ella McFarland

16th Maddie Watkins

20th Ashlee Stopp

21st Maddison  Dinh

2008 boys:

Gold Taama Iwao

Silver Sam White

6th Zane Garrett

15th Jack Oxford

18th Kyan Buck

19th Joel Keelan

21st Zac Pathuis

26th Samuel Quilliam

27th Samuel O’Flaherty


2007 boys:

9th Matthew  Boyd

10th Corey Simms

11th Thomas Anderson

12th Keegan Eatts

14th Owen Ashworth

16th Samuel Bowyer


2007 girls:

5th Evie French

11th Lucy Pearce

21st Monique Rafanelli


2006 girls:

6th Lucinda Nicholls

7th Zoe Lush

8th Alexis O’Mahony

9th Summer Byerlee


2006 boys:

11th Rory Hudson

15th Joel Pathuis

18th Adam Farr

21st Max English

28th Cody Ryan


2005 girls:

7th Sophie Blackledge

8th Laelia Donley

9th Lucy-Bella Tenny


2005 boys:

Gold Max Brown

Bronze Jack Meaney

4th Kai Iwao

9th Kieran Garrett

10th Kingsley Anderson


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