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The beautiful One Paddock Currency Creek Winery hosted the most anticipated event of the year, for Investigator College Year 11 and 12 students.  Against a backdrop of fairy lights and antique décor, students shone in their formal attire with bow ties making a comeback and satin and lace being prevalent in not only the ladies’ dresses, but also the gents’ ties, kerchiefs and the odd cravat!

Guests were treated to an exquisite meal of a variety of grazing plates, providing a culinary experience for all, before DJ Heim pumped the volume up with some old and new tracks; the dance floor was ‘well-trod’ by both students and staff.  The glamour and festivities of the occasion were captured by the ‘paparazzi’ as students posed for group and individual shots.

Of course, whilst ‘The Showdown’ was being played at the ‘Oval’, the closer competition was for the Awards of the evening, with every student a  king or queen and most definitely ‘best dressed’.  The official awards however, went to the following:

Formal King – Andrew Fyfe

Formal Queen- Alicia Wollaston

Prince – William Taylor

Princess – Kayla Ellis

Best dressed girl – Bradlyn Coster

Best dressed boy – Tom Richardson

Best dressed teacher – Jason Greenslade – a video review has been requested by the rest of the staff.

For the many hours of coordination and facilitation, we recognize the efforts of the Formal Committee and their staff assistants.  A wonderful night was had with the students being a credit to themselves and the College.

We would also like to acknowledge our wonderful hosts, Tim and Rachel of One Paddock, and their staff as well as MSP photography and the very entertaining DJ Heim.

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