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Tim Dansie, psychologist, spoke to a keen group of parents on ‘setting your child up for success’.

He kept us entertained with anecdotes and personal experiences whilst imparting some words of wisdom.

The six main points were:

1.       Know your kids – their friends and interests.

Listen to them – parents talk too much.

Have realistic expectations.

2.       Build resilience – teach them how to solve a problem, don’t solve their problems for them.

3.       Role Model – kids will watch and copy what you do. This is especially important in regards to technology – set up family device free times.

4.       Consequences – have more positive consequences than negative.

5.       Communicate – listen, find 1:1 time, have occasional family meetings.

6.       Have FUN.

If you missed it, Tim has a series of Podcasts you can listen to. They can be found at:


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