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The Year 8s are currently completing a Drama Unit as part of English. Year 8.3 have been studying ‘Smoke and Mirrors’ which focuses on an adolescent girl who develops an eating disorder. The script honours the voices of individuals with anorexia, and the emotional and behavioural impact this complex mental illness has not only on the individual, but on family and friends. The playwright, Sue Murray, generously offered to host a Zoom session with the class, to shed insight into the process of scriptwriting, along with some very practical tips that the students can incorporate in their own scriptwriting.

In the Zoom session with Sue Murray, I learnt that Sue went and talked to patients that were suffering with anorexia and people that helped the patients. I found it interesting that the patients she talked to actually felt like someone understood them and gave those people a voice. I learnt how Sue Murray came up with the idea of writing the play, a school asked her to write a script about mental health.
The Circus was linked with Anorexia in a different way, the girl that was suffering from anorexia looked at herself in the mirror if she was looking through one of those mirrors at a carnival that make you look fat and when the girl looked at herself she just saw fat rolls, but we see a skinny person struggling pushing their way through life.
(Deja Rochford)

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