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Investigator College students have again excelled in the final Year 12 results. Staff and students waited with anticipation to see the results which not only reflect the pressures of a hectic Year 12, but which also represent the culmination of 13 years of schooling. College Principal, Mr John Robinson is delighted with the students’ achievements. “Investigator College is all about students achieving what we call “your best self”. Completing one’s secondary education is an important part of this lifelong journey. We know that for many students, the SACE certificate and their ATAR is very important as they are often the keys that unlock the doors of further study, training and the workforce.”

The results have yet again underlined the College’s reputation for academic excellence.  Investigator College’s Head of Senior School, Mrs Belinda Delyster said that, “The College can boast a 100% pass rate! In addition, an increasing number of students are utilising the flexible structure of the SACE Certificate by electing to complete their SACE over three years and studying several “non-traditional” and vocationally oriented studies such as the nationally accredited Certificate III in Conservation and Land management, amongst others.”

Even so, almost all of our graduates applied for university places” said Mrs Delyster. “And the results are truly excellent- in fact, our College’s results continue to rival those of the elite Independent Schools in capital cities.  Even more exciting is the fact that 80% of those students wishing to attend university have already received early offers from The University of Adelaide and Flinders University.”

The College’s Dux is Alicia Crowhurst, whose ATAR was an incredible 98.65! One quarter of our university seekers achieved an ATAR of above 90 and their average ATAR score was above 75.  Further to this a staggering 28% of assessment grades achieved were in the A band with 75% in the A and B bands!

Students who achieved SACE Merits were Alicia Crowhurst (Modern History) and Jennifer Panozzo (English)

Mrs Delyster also added: “The educational landscape for Australian students is rapidly evolving and is characterised by flexibility, choice and competitiveness on an international scale. Students do best when they are able to choose subjects they are interested in and passionate about. It is for these reasons that the College is committed to continuing to offer a large selection of subjects and educational pathways. We already offer in excess of 40 SACE and VET programs, and this will continue to expand. Key to this expansion, however, is our commitment to face-to-face teaching, in small classes, by renowned subject specialist teachers.”

Mr Robinson concluded by saying, “whilst we are justifiably proud of our superb results, we are mindful that the SACE and academic results are only one part- though obviously an important one- of what it means to be a great school in the 21st century. There is no simple number that can measure all the other things such as pastoral care and co-curricular activities that enrich students’ lives.”

Investigator College’s results at a glance:

The majority of graduates (over 70%) applied for university. Of these:

Average ATAR: 76

25% of graduates scored an ATAR of 90 or above

SACE Merits: Alicia Crowhurst (Modern History) and Jennifer Panozzo (English)

With 28% of all grades achieved in the A band and 75% of all grades in the A and B bands


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