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Congratulations to the following students who have been selected for student leadership positions in 2018:

College Captains

Jay Bugg

Lucy Watts


College Vice Captains

Nicolo Catinari


Isabella Cook

Senior School House Captains


Captain – Andrew Fyfe


Vice Captain – Willow McFarland

Blue Gum

Captain – Daisy Blencowe


Vice Captain – Ruby McErlean



Captain – Bryce Batty


Vice Captain – Marlee Temple


Captain – Emily McCarthy


Vice Captain – Matthew Panozzo


Middle School House Captains


Alexandra Cervantes Fuller


Taleah Daish


Blue Gum

Samuel Bailie


Gabby Cook



Judd O’Donnell


Ryan Smart


Jemma Ellis

Isabella Maclay-Ross


Junior School College Captains

Lilly Meaney


Isabella Parker


 Junior School College Vice Captains

Matthew Boyd


Rory Hudson


Junior School House Captains


Alexis O’Mahony


Riley Sheridan

Blue Gum

Zac Branson


Finn Magor


Joel Pathuis


Lily Skrypek


Tayla Cox


Ella Watters

Junior School Leaders

Eco Leaders

Summer Byerlee


Tiana Meadows

Performing Arts Leaders

Lucy Haythorpe


Myla Wegener

Community Well Being Leaders

Charlee Gibson


Georgia Sheehan

Hub Leaders

Jarred McCombe


Aaliyah Yunus

Digital Technology Leaders

Max English


Kairo Quilliam

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