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It is only when students are secure in their learning environment that they are able to approach learning with confidence and without distraction.

We remain dedicated to providing care for all students within a safe and secure environment. The pastoral care of students at Investigator College is a multifaceted affair but, in the first instance, is the responsibility of the Home Group and Class Teachers. Investigator College consists of three sub-schools: Junior School, Middle School and Senior School.

This structure allows the College to nurture students within smaller sub-school communities, maintaining a family feel, while benefiting from the economies of scale only available to larger schools. The Junior, Middle and Senior School Wellbeing Leaders manage the day-to-day operation of their sub-school, leading and supporting the College community, with greater focus on parents, caregivers and students, to ensure excellent pastoral care relationships are maintained and student wellbeing is paramount.

Pastoral Care Contacts

The Home Group Teacher (Middle & Senior School) and Class Teacher (Junior School) is the most easily accessible point of contact for student, parent and school. These teachers provide special care for the students as they provide the first meeting place each day. Emotional, academic or behavioural issues can be addressed immediately and effectively.

Wellbeing Leaders provide support for Home Group and Class Teachers, students and parents/caregivers. They provide a focal point for the entire sub-school as they seek to nurture a positive, cooperative spirit through their guidance and discipline.