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Year 4 Currency Creek Eco Centre Excursion, Thursday 3 September

During our visit at the EcoCentre, the Year 4s focused on threatened plant species and were involved in the SEEDS project. SEEDS stands for Stewardship of Endemic and Endangered Species and is a project that was set up by scientists from the Seed Conservation Centre at the Adelaide Botanic Garden. The aim of the project is to protect and preserve South Australian threatened plant species. It also aims to educate young people (and the community) about threatened plants species and to empower them to take action as environmental custodians and scientists.

The project started in 2014 and over this period of time Investigator College has been given three different threatened plant species to work with. These are:

  • Olearia pannosa (Silver Daisy Bush)
  • Calocephalus citreus (Lemon Beauty Head)
  • Olearia passerinoides (Sticky Daisy Bush)

Over the years we were given seeds and seedlings of each threatened species to work with. We have propagated each species and planted them out at the College, the EcoCentre and the old Goolwa Campus. We have also involved the community by giving these threatened species to our mothers as part of a Precious Plant for a Precious Mum.

Investigator College is now at the point where we have been collecting seeds and cuttings from these three species and have successfully propagated them ourselves at the EcoCentre nursery.

Today the Year 4s continued working on this project through three activities. Students spent time learning about how plants become threatened and what we can do to help save them. They were introduced to the SEEDS project and spent time learning about each species. Students also planted seeds of each species, spent time in the nursery pricking out seedlings and potted up cuttings. We also spent time planting out a seed orchard with the three species. The aim is to collect seed from this orchard and send it back to the Seed Conservation Centre at the Adelaide Botanic Garden to be stored. This way we are ensuring the survival of each species.

It was a fantastic day and we achieved a huge amount with the project. It was so good to get students involved in taking action to save local native species. Students will now look at ways we can promote each species back at school.

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