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The Year 5s visited three farms for their Food and Fibre unit, comparing farms from the past to the present.

The first stop was Pitchford Produce where Graeme Pitchford showed us many new advances in technology that he uses on his farm as well as sustainable techniques.

The second stop was Basham’s Dairy where the kids learnt about their generational dairy farming and how technological advances are helping them to produce better milk.

The third and final stop was the Lush Sheep Farm at Inman Valley where Jo Lush took us on a tour of the farm showing us sheep, old and new farming techniques, and giving us a walk-through history of how farming was in Inman Valley hundreds of years ago.

A big thank you to Graeme Pitchford, David Basham and Jo Lush who gave up their time to teach the students about technology on farms.

Also, thanks to the parents who helped on the day.

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