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As part of the HASS topic of Economics, the Year 6s have been studying the process of running a small business. This topic culminated on Thursday 31 October with a Small Business Enterprise Day.

In groups, students worked to design and produce a product to be sold to Junior School students.  Students were provided with a $20 loan to set up their business, which was repaid from the profits made at the market day. Before the market day stalls occurred, students completed a Small Business Portfolio which included designs of the product, detailed market research, costs of materials required, advertising and a summary of spending versus profits. All groups were successful in earning profits from their market stalls.

As a cohort, the students chose to donate their profits to the RSPCA, making a total of $806.70.

A big thank you to all families for their support and for those who came to support the Year 6s in their business endeavours.

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