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What a spectacular show! A huge thank you to the students and staff who brought this musical to life!

And thank you to our parents/caregivers and friends who supported the show!

The cast and crew:
Eliza Altamura
Sarah Attrill
Karla Bezuidenhout
Ziarah Blom
Matthew Boyd
Ella Bryant
Sienna Bull
Jade Burgess
Zara Caire
Alexandra Cervantes Fuller
Chelsea Clay
Kane Cody
Loryn Cody
Isabelle Commins
Chloe Coombs
Jordan Cosma
Ava Dauk
Imogen Dowling
Jessica Ellers
Hannah Farr
Noah Fitton
Charlize Gore
Riley Hardy
Ruby Hopkins
Isabella Hudson
Grace Jarrom
Elijah Jucius
Mitchell Kelsey
Tim Krause
Dana Lee
Zoe Lush
Jack McArdle
Tilly McNeill
Chelsea O’Connell
Emma O’Connell
Kayte O’Donnell
Amanda Polgreen
Sarah Preston
Georgia Preston
Monique Rafanelli
Hannah Shipard
Matilda Slee
Cassia Stacey
Dom Stark
Ashlee Stopp
James Tenny
Shanti Vessey-Di Fusco
Charlotte Walker
Saskia Zorkovic
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