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Science Week

Week 4 is Science Week and to celebrate this special week there were a number of activities organised.

To link in with our Junior School focus on developing our writing, all of the students in the Junior School were invited to enter a writing competition entitled ‘The day the science experiment went horribly wrong.’ The focus on the writing piece was on creating a sizzling start. What is a sizzling start you may ask? A sizzling start is a punchy and exciting opening within a narrative that grabs the readers attention.

These were very entertaining to read and prizes will be given to some of the best “Sizzling Starts” across the Junior School. I hope you enjoy reading some of these as much as the staff did.

Tormaigh – Year 5

December 31st, 1999, 5 hours until midnight. “We’ve got 5 hours everybody. I want to see this thing up and running before midnight!” Sargeant Buckle yelled.

Alarm! Alarm!

“What in the hydrogen, helium, lithium, berilium, boron is going on?” Dr Brenner yelled.

Romy – Year 5

“1, 2, 3” Professor Flatulence carefully tipped a flask of what looked disturbingly like boogers into a bubbling potion. Just as the green substance hit the surface of the potion it exploded. Glass lying everywhere, strange objects smashing all over the place as Professor Flatulence dived for cover, while farting nonstop.

Natalia – Year 2

Daisy and Cooper were science partners at school. When out of nowhere came a boom! Daisy saw the blue colored water about to hit Cooper’s face. She could hear the stuff fizzling really loudly. Cooper could smell the chemicals. He could taste the smoke in the air.

Audrey – Year 4

Puff! The scientist’s white, fluffy hair stood up from the smoke. His dark brown eyes dripping with tears as it was the 16,000th time this experiment had gone horribly wrong. This scientist was not very normal. The first reason was because of his name, Professor Tiddlewinks. The second reason was that he was only 22 years old and had white fluffy hair. And the worst reason is that the experiment he is working on is to turn his parents into chickens!

Josh – Year 6

Alarms are flashing, sirens wailing and lights flashing. There is a slow thump coming from the glass cell. Parts of the wall are tearing off. I stare at the glass test tube waiting for it to break and destroy the lab. It will be the disaster of 2033. Suddenly,  large eyes press against the glass scaring me half to death. Then I hear it. The glass is slowly cracking.

Ella – Year 1

Once upon a time there was a little girl called Little rainbow. She was a fantastic scientist. One day she had a mission to look for the rainbow rock that was as shiny as glitter. She packed her bag and put in it a bottle of water and an apple and a map. She set off into the forest.

Gwynny – Year 1

In the middle of the night two crazy scientist went to their lab but they forgot their safety glasses. They could not see a thing to make their potion. They put too much lemon liquid into the potion and too much chocolate into the potion. It exploded the two scientists!

Frankie – Year 4

Agrhhh! What have we done? Patrick and Julian had only just tried to create a science experiment to turn their big black dog into a cat, but to their surprise, it had worked! The cat was purple and wearing a glittery dress and it was holding a tennis racket!

Ashlyn – Year 3

Bang! Shatter! Jake’s experiment had gone horribly wrong. The two liquids had mixed causing the glass windows to shatter. Green gas filled the classroom.

At lunch time on Tuesday and Wednesday, the Middle School Science Labs were a hive of excitement as the students participated in a number of experiments. It was great to have these activities led by some of our Senior students.

Thank you Renee Drew and John Freebairn for facilitating these activities.


As well as this, our Year 2s visited Currency Creek, where they are studying plant features and life cycles.

As part of Science Week, the Wonderful One’s performed various experiments in class, using a glass vase filled with water.

They learnt about light refraction (the bending of light). Our young scientists experimented using various equipment to create reversed images, distortion of objects and refraction.

They had a lot of fun.

Our ELC students enjoyed studying and searching for insects around the school grounds as part of their Environmental Science lesson with Mr Freebairn.

Opportunities such as those provided this week are sure to inspire some future Scientists.

Book Week

Book Week will be celebrated next week, with a number of activities planned.

On Tuesday 23 August at 9:00am, we will have our Book Week Dress Up parade in the PASC. Parents/caregivers are welcome to attend but I ask that you please wear masks and stay within the designated viewing areas for parents/caregivers. It should be a wonderful morning.

Throughout the week as we celebrate the magic of reading, we would love to have you share a photo of your child or family sharing a book together. If you would like to tag @investigatorcollege when you post on your socials (Facebook and Instagram) we will have a collection of photos of our wonderful community reading. To get you started some of our wonderful staff have already sent in their photos. I look forward to seeing everyone engaging in books and enjoying their favourite book together!


Nicholas Smith
Head of Junior School

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