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Dear Parents/Caregivers

It has been a busy few weeks in the Junior School with both the Year 2 and Year 6 students attending camps.  Year 6 attended camp at Woodhouse Activity Centre and Year 2 had their first camp experience at Narnu Farm. Both camps were a great success but were also a great opportunity.

Camps have so many positive benefits; they enable our students to work outside their comfort zone, connect with their peers, see their teachers in a different setting and be exposed to a different kind of learning.

It was great to see the Year 6s reflect on their learning at our recent Assembly and see what they had gained from the camp. Challenging their fear of heights by conquering a rock climbing wall and connecting with a student they didn’t know so well were some of the highlights mentioned.

Last week the Year 1 students enjoyed their late night adventure at our Currency Creek EcoCentre, an introduction to the camps program at Investigator College. A big thank you to all of the staff that have been involved in organising these camps and activities. Students always reflect on these events as highlights of their year.

Mid-Year Receptions and ELC Mid-Year Graduation

Throughout this term we have had 11 new Receptions transition into the Junior School. Most of these students are from our ELC.  Every second Friday the students have been experiencing and familiarising themselves with what it is like to be a Junior School student. Each visit progressively became longer and longer. The current Reception students have done an excellent job mentoring the new students and making them feel welcome.  Thank you to the ELC staff who have guided these students over the past few years and thank you to the Reception teachers who have supported their transition.

At Assembly in Week 8 we had a wonderful Graduation Ceremony for those students from the ELC who will be entering Reception mid-year. We look forward to having these students in our Junior School.

Uniform News

Due to some of the factories of our suppliers shutting down due to COVID-19, there are a few items at the Uniform Shop that we are still awaiting delivery of. The College sports pants in various sizes are one particular item that we are waiting on. If you have placed an order for tracksuit pants and are awaiting delivery, plain navy blue tracksuit pants can be worn in the meantime. Please send a note to your classroom teacher if you have been unable to obtain the correct sports pants.

Susan McLean – Cyber Safety

Investigator College was fortunate enough to have Susan McLean present to our families on Thursday night and our Year 5 and Year 6 students last Friday morning. The presentations were both engaging and eye opening.

The topics covered included:

  • Cyber Bullying
  • Cyber Safety and keeping safe online
  • Online predators
  • Terms and Conditions of Use
  • Password Protection

The parent session ended with a number of questions and it was fantastic to see our families having the opportunity to connect with a world class expert in this area.

Throughout the Friday morning session, students interacted and engaged in some activities related to each of these topics.

Each student completed the activity sheets and was required to make some time over the next week to go through their learning with their parents and start dialogue about this important issue.

More information about Susan McLean and Cyber Safety can be found at her website

I would strongly encourage you to take some time to learn about what we can do at home and school to support our Investigator College students to be Cyber Safe Digital Citizens.

Equestrian Team Practice Session

On Friday afternoon of Week 7, Miss Helen Maidment facilitated an equestrian training session for our students that are part of our newly developed equestrian team. The afternoon was a great success and I was fortunate enough to visit the students. It was great to see the team working together across a number of ages and experiences. I look forward to watching this program grow and I thank Miss Maidment for her work as well as the wonderful support that many of the parents gave to facilitate such an experience.

Thank you to Prue Leigh

Over the past four weeks, Miss Prue Leigh has been working in Suzi Wade’s Year 4 class whilst Suzi has been on long service leave. The students have really enjoyed working with Prue and we thank her for her work.

If I do not see you before the end of the week, have a wonderful holiday break and I hope it is a time for you and your family to unwind and spend some time together.

Nick Smith
Head of Junior School

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