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We want to have a greater impact on our community, proactively listening to and looking for ways we can encourage our local community and empower each other to be at our best.

There is a traditional African proverb that goes something like ‘It takes a village to raise a child’.

This is no more relevant or critical than it is today. Our children and our youth require steady nurturing and constant reassurance given the fast-paced, instant information, high pressure world in which we live.

One of the great advantages of living in the community we do is the wealth of opportunities available to each of us – right ‘under our noses’. Often when we open our eyes, think a little differently and encourage each other, these opportunities can be significant and life changing.

As a College too we enjoy the great blessings of our community and partner support.

I think we all as parents can be fearful about the pressures (even dangers) that face young people today. We can easily build walls of protection around them to assure ourselves that they are safe at all times.  It is important however that we acknowledge that, by building walls around our young people and isolating them, we are not allowing them to develop the tools and experiences that will enable them to thrive in a complex and potentially dangerous world.

Whether it is learning to survive on the road, negotiate a big surf break, respond to a bully online or ensure the survival of an endangered species, our community is full of skilful experts and mentors who willingly contribute to assisting and mentoring our young people.

As members of a well-functioning community, we look out for each other, we encourage one another and we use our individual gifts and talents to provide opportunities for others.

Investigator College is committed to seeking, identifying and providing a range of opportunities for our students, our staff and our parents/caregivers.

You will be aware that:

  • Our College Board is actively seeking individuals to work together to develop innovative and proactive learning programs at our Goolwa Campus.
  • Our Currency Creek Trade Skills Centre will open soon – a culmination of the outstanding work of local land care and environmental groups in conjunction with TAFE SA.
  • Our Volleyball Team is training hard to achieve national competitive standards in preparation for their National Competition in Melbourne in December.
  • Our Team Sailing students will travel to Melbourne in the break to compete in the National Team Sailing Regatta.
  • Our Wellbeing Team is devising wellbeing and community development opportunities in the form of programs for our students, staff and parent/caregivers, most recently the wonderfully successful ‘Go for Gold’ Cocktail evening last Saturday.

Investigator College is committed to be an active partner in identifying opportunities so that we can strive to be our ‘Best Self’.

Don Grimmett


Our College Board is actively seeking individuals to work together to develop innovative and proactive learning programs at our Goolwa Campus.
If you are interested in being involved, please email Mr Don Grimmett at






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