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Dear Parents/Caregivers,

Sometimes when you have been associated with a school for a long time you begin to take some things for granted, whereas fresh eyes are quick to spot the advantages. We have been inundated with visitors on Principal’s Tours recently. Their feedback is reassuring and I thought I should share it with you.

“I have never seen such good behaviour

This is what relief teachers, presenters and visiting principals are always telling us. The difference is our focus on four aspects of respect: of ourselves, of others, of the environment and respect for animals. The final one is so important if we are to develop truly good people yet so many schools neglect this area. I cringe whenever I see a “no dogs allowed” sign in a school. How could a school ban a member of the family? At Investigator we also have lambs, calves, fish and ‘dogs in the quad’ events (watch out for another one soon), even ponies at Equestrian Club and these all authentically enhance student, staff and community wellbeing.

“The students speak so confidently”

When we visit classrooms on tours, the students willingly and articulately espouse the benefits of an Investigator College. We promote confidence but not arrogance. Student agency is genuine and teachers don’t shout. They don’t need to. We acknowledge that everyone is at a different stage of his or her learning journey and students are focused on achieving their respective goals. It is really exciting as a teacher to be working with students who are poised for successful and fulfilled lives.

“The grounds are blessed with lovely open spaces”

A number commented that they had visited other schools that were “higglety pigglety” and were delighted to see our serene playing field, large central quad and nature play area. Wait until they see our 25 acre waterfront campus at Currency Creek! Our students have so many options during break times. Walking around the grounds during lunchtime is a treat. I see students playing a variety of sports (after all, we did win the Fleurieu Zone Sport Award in 2021 and have since appointed a Sport Coordinator to take our sporting opportunities and mentorship three steps further), others playing  four-square, chess, Lego, practising for the musical, feeding lambs, walking the calves, engaging with the chickens, checking their fish, reading, working on their Art or Wood projects, practising for an upcoming debate, upskilling in a study support session or just chilling and laughing with friends. Life is good and the new Masterplan (soon to be shared with you) will help make it even better.

“I loved hearing that you are an Anglican College”

A trusted name associated with Australia’s very best independent schools, Anglican Colleges are committed to treating others as we would like to be treated. Standards are high, traditions are rich, values are clear and understated, spiritualty is invitational (not forced) and the connections are exceptional. Whilst our fees are considerably lower than those of our city cousins, our students and staff receive the same advantages and we benefit from our ongoing partnerships.

“Your ELC is stunning”

Some people didn’t realise that their children could begin at Little Investigators when they turn three. It offers brilliant programs (including specialist lessons) under the direction of Melissa Watters and the children are prepared beautifully for Reception.

You have two counsellors?

That’s right. We are a leading Positive Education school and committed to student wellbeing. Nicole Eckermann and Craig Donley are both ready to help anyone who needs some help to get back on track. Parenting can be tough at times and we can help there as well.

“We definitely want our children to join Investigator.”

We heard this from every family on our group tours. Some year levels will be at capacity in 2023 and we are currently discussing whether or not to open additional classes. Please tell family, friends, neighbours and colleagues to Enrolments immediately to secure a place. We also have limited places available in Term 3 this year- but they will need to be quick!

I look forward to seeing you all at our community bonfire at our beautiful Currency Creek EcoCentre on Sunday 26 June from 12 noon. This is a chance to see it at last and a brilliant opportunity to strengthen connections with other families.


John Robinson


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