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Dear Parents/Caregivers,

What does “Your Best Self” actually mean?

You will hear this term frequently at Investigator, as we all strive to be the best possible versions of ourselves. But what does it actually mean? Recently I have discussed this with our students and have included some responses below:

  1. Having integrity: being honest, reflective, kind, altruistic and respectful; making good choices (even when you think nobody is watching); acknowledging that the world is bigger than just you; taking pride in the way you wear your uniform, willingly helping others and doing everything you can to live up to the expectations of Investigator College.
  2. Striving for excellence: putting in effort to achieve personal best outcomes, understanding and using your character strengths, acknowledging that we might be good at something initially, but that we can work diligently to improve, exhibiting exemplary behaviour and an openness to new learning.
  3. Exhibiting optimism: genuinely believing that your efforts can make a positive difference to your work and the community, believing in and supporting your fellow students and teachers, setting yourself goals that you can strive to achieve and supporting others in their aspirations.
  4. Demonstrating resilience: understanding that we all have less-than-perfect moments in our lives and viewing these as setbacks that we can work to overcome (or at least, improve), rather than thinking of these as insurmountable hurdles; understanding the concept of growth mindsets, the benefits of mindfulness, the importance of kindness, forgiveness, an ability to move on and times when we need to evidence grit.
  5. Showing genuine respect: actively listening to others, choosing your words carefully, considering the rights of others to learn and to feel safe, keeping our hands to ourselves, appreciating the environment, animals and other living things, expressing gratitude, accepting diversity and the spirituality of others and developing healthy self-compassion.

I know that I can rely on you to work in partnership with our staff to maximise your child’s outcomes and be his or her best self.

Mask wearing

We are grateful to families who are supporting the Chief Medical Officer’s strong advice to wear masks (and to wear them properly). We are also keeping windows and doors open to enhance ventilation and student are asked to maintain hygiene measures including social distancing wherever possible. Students exhibiting any symptoms need to stay at home. Let’s all make every effort to stay safe so we can all enjoy Term 3.

John Robinson



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