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Our Junior School Friendology program’s recent focus has been on ‘Friendship Fires’ with students learning how to navigate tricky friendship scenarios that they might encounter, especially if somebody is mean to them on purpose.

As a College, staff members are supporting the students with skills to talk out their ‘friendship fires’, with the support of a teacher, if need be, and what to do if someone is mean on purpose. Ask your child what response they would give if another student is mean to them on purpose.

This program is all about empowering our students to counteract mean comments and then to go and talk to a teacher if they need to. It is never acceptable in our College culture to be mean on purpose.

Being mean will always involve that student requiring support in or outside the classroom. Our focus as a College is to be kind to others in words and deeds and show gratitude throughout each day.

I encourage you to explore Friendology further through the UR Strong parents portal in the link below:

Mark Tenny
Junior School Wellbeing Leader

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