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Hi Families,

A little update from Out of School Hours Care…

With ‘Talk Like A Pirate Day’ happening on the 19 September, our pirate theme has now drawn to a close.

To celebrate the end of the pirate theme we had a tropical feast with rockmelon, pineapple, banana, dried mango and apple juice. OzHarvest even gave us a coconut as a thank you for the food they have received from us recently. We drilled into one of the eyes of the coconut to get any water out and then smashed it (wrapped in a tea towel) on the concrete to open it up. We made pirate boats out of celery, cream cheese, grated cheese, raisins and a cheese triangle sail too!

We have had lots of suggestions for upcoming days including, paper plane competitions, Minecraft theme, Halloween, Pokémon theme and ninja obstacle courses. Unfortunately, we can’t do everything, but I’ll be busy planning over the holidays to make sure it’s fun!

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OSHC Coordinator – Alice


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