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Hi Families,

We explored National Science Week, by experimenting with activities such as:

  • Making our own edible potions, using a range of different ingredients such as milo, cocoa, sugar, water, milk, vanilla, soda water, sour patch kids mixed with soda water, lemon juice, cordial and lime juice.
  • Creating their own elephant toothpaste, students were amazed at how “cool” the foam looked “exploding” out of the bottle.
  • Making their own sherbet. Students mixed citric acid, bicarb soda, icing sugar and jelly crystals together and worked out that if you add more icing sugar the sweeter it becomes or if you add more bicarb soda to sour it would become.

The children enjoyed trying out a range of different experiments and we plan to extend on their interest throughout the rest of the term.

Please don’t hesitate to come by and visit us to get a sneak peek of all the fun activities we get up to at OSHC.

OSHC Coordinator Sophie

Mobile: 0450 257 369


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