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The tyranny of distance was no hurdle for students and teachers from across the Fleurieu region, who were awarded on Thursday 2 July 2020 at the Cows Create Careers – Farm Module “Fun in the Cloud” event – a virtual, online Presentation Day.

Sally Roberts, Lead – People at Dairy Australia, said it is encouraging to see secondary students passionate about the Cows Create Careers program and Australia’s vibrant dairy industry.

“The aim of Cows Create Careers is to increase the students’ awareness of the diversity of educational pathways and career opportunities in Australia’s dairy industry. Through the project, students learn about the different skills required in the dairy industry in a fun and hands-on way,” Ms Roberts said.

“It is great to see enthusiastic students getting involved and learning about the industry, while making important connections with their local dairy community. The Presentation Day is a great way to reward and celebrate the students’ and schools’ dedication to the project.”

Cows Create Careers was originally established in 2004 with dairy farmers in the Strzelecki Lions Club in Victoria and nine Gippsland schools. Since 2006 the project has been supported by Dairy Australia, Regional Development Programs, dairy farmers and sponsors. It has now grown to 240 schools across Australia with 13,200 students completing the project in 2019.

The students took an online journey through Willowbrae Farm where they were introduced to two dairy calves, ‘Bright’ and ‘Future’. Over five weeks, students found out how to care for the calves and watch them grow through engaging videos. Students learnt about the environment, technology and machinery used on the farm through quirky activities and competitions. As with all Cows Create Careers resources, the online program prioritised student learning and aligns with ACARA curriculum.

At the culmination of the project, excited students and teachers from the Fleurieu region attended the high-energy Cloud-based event to conclude the Cows Create Careers program for 2020 in the region. Students participated simultaneously in each of their schools in pre-arranged, industry-based games in their classrooms and prizes were announced for the project’s winning teams.

Congratulations to Senior School students Sam Bailie, Cayden Byerlee, Jacob Haythorpe, Hugo Spees and Charlotte Walker who all participated in the program and received prizes at the Presentation Event.

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