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We were delighted to celebrate the Grand Opening of Little Investigators Early Learners Centre on Thursday 27 September.

Our architect, Mr Craig Vale, thoughtfully researched and planned our contemporary environment, incorporating architectural features from Reggio Emilia Centres from around the world. The Centre beautifully connects the indoor and outdoor spaces, natural light and transparency, which creates a feeling of peace and tranquillity, a space nobody ever wants to leave!

Our high quality learning environment helps our children to be their ‘best self’, to ensure a solid foundation and develop a lifelong love for learning and compassion for others.

In the endeavour to empower the children’s rights and their decision making about things that affect them, the children were involved with the planning of the Opening Ceremony. They chose to invite their parents, Reception buddies and Staff from Investigator College as their special guests.

At Investigator College, we value the importance of knowing the history of our place, knowing the land and knowing the stories that make our place what it is today. The children were justifiably proud to be part of the ‘Welcome to Country’ and ‘Smoking Ceremony’ that our special visitor, Uncle Moggy from the Ngarrindjeri community, conducted.

The children discussed the importance of being the first students at Little Investigators. One of our students, Max Roach, perfectly explained how the children feel about our beautiful environment.  He said; “We are all very lucky to be the first ones in the Early Learners Centre.”

Being part of a community involves respecting each other’s stories and the children have been eager to share them with us. By inviting Cederic Varcoe to our Early Learners Centre, the children had the opportunity to hear the stories and beliefs about the Ngarrindjeri culture. From these experiences, the children have asked many questions about our history, showing a curiosity to learn more about one another.

The children have enjoyed creating beautiful Aboriginal-inspired artworks that represent their interpretations of our local environment. The children, the ‘heart’ of Little Investigators, presented their wonderful creations so that they could be blessed by Uncle Moggy and later placed in our ELC garden.

Our Principal, Mr Don Grimmett, and our Chairperson, Mrs Rachel Elliott, officially opened the Centre. A commemorative plaque will be displayed in our Early Learners Centre garden, noting all the first Little Investigators for 2018.

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