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Worth investing in…

One of the most important investments we can make as parents/caregivers is in the education of our children.

Investigator College provides an excellent, full-service educational opportunity at a price that ensures access for a wide range of families.

There remains a significant challenge, however, to operate in an environment where fees need to be kept affordable,
yet ensure we remain at the forefront of educational opportunity.


Discounts and Financial Assistance

Early Payment Discount

An 8% discount is available if full payment is made by close of business on the first Friday of Term 1.  The discount is calculated on the value of Tuition Fees less Sibling Discounts (if applicable) and all previous outstanding amounts must be paid. The Capital Development Levy and Stationery charge (R-4) are not subject to this discount and this discount does not apply to any fee remissions (e.g. Scholarship).

Scholarship Program

Investigator College celebrates the opportunity to assist students to become their best self. Accordingly, the College offers a range of Scholarships each year to ensure that circumstance does not inhibit promising students by restricting access to the innovative and well-resourced facilities available to students of Investigator College. Further information is available here.

Financial Assistance

Should you anticipate a problem with the payment of your fees, please contact the College to make an appointment with the Business Manager to discuss. All discussions with regards to the management of your fee account remain confidential.


Save for your child’s educational future

Investigator College offers current and future parents/caregivers of the College the ability to save for the education of their students. Accounts in credit receive an accumulated discount that, together with the principal, can be used to pay for educational needs as they arise.

The saving scheme is run through the family fee account. Any account that is in credit will receive an accumulated discount that is linked to the NAB 90-day term deposit interest rate. This growth may only be used for school-related costs and cannot be refunded.

Future parents/caregivers of the College can request that their fee account be set up to hold credit amounts by contacting the Finance Office.

Early Learners Centre Fees

(per child, per day)

Long Day Care             $105
Post Day Care              $10.50
Vacation Care              $100
*CCS rebates may apply



School Fees 2021

Rec – Year 4

Annually: $4,840

Year 5 – 6

Annually: $5,040

Year 7

Annually: $5,660

Year 8

Annually: $5,930

Year 9 – 10

Annually: $6,980

Year 11 – 12

Annually: $7,740

Capital Development Levy

1st Child

Annual: $300

2nd Child

Annual: $255

3rd Child

Annual: $210

4th & subsequent children

Annual: Nil

The initial account is a combination of the Tuition Fees, Sibling Discounts, a non-refundable Capital Development Levy and Stationery charges (Reception to Year 4).
*Sibling discounts apply to Tuition Fees only

The Tuition Fees fall due and are payable for the full year at the
commencement of the school year. Should families choose, they are able to enter into a payment agreement requesting an extension time to pay off fees.
The Payment Agreement form is to be lodged with the College prior to the cut-off date of full payment.



Sibling Discounts

2nd Child

15% discount

3rd Child

30% discount

4th & subsequent children

100% discount

Download a Payment Agreement Form


Stationery / Textbook Costs

Reception – Year 6

$135 approx.

Year 7 – 10

$300 – $500 est.

Year 11 – 12

$400 – $500 est.

Due to fluctuation in resource costs and the availability of secondhand books, Years 7 – 12 Stationery/Textbook costs are an approximate figure only.

Enrolment Fees:

Upon confirming a place at the College, an Enrolment Acceptance Fee of $300 per student is payable. The Enrolment Acceptance Fee will be credited to the tuition fee account once the student has commenced at Investigator College. However, the acceptance fee is non-refundable in the event that the enrolment is cancelled by the parent/caregiver. Ten school week’s notice must be given for all enrolment cancellations.

Additional Costs

Where students from Year 9 to Year 12 avail themselves of courses and activities that fall outside the standard curriculum included in the Tuition Fees schedule (e.g. Specialist Subjects material expenses), an additional subject levy may be charged.
Of particular note is the Year 6 Cultural Camp to Canberra (approximately $900) and the Year 9 Camp to Melbourne (approximately $700).  Families are encouraged to plan for these expenses.  Other optional sporting and cultural opportunities will be advertised and costed throughout each year.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Program

Year 9 – Year 12 students will be required to participate in the BYOD program, which is designed to allow students to choose and bring to the learning environment one or several devices of their choice. Further BYOD information can be found here: