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Scholarship Program

Investigator College celebrates the opportunity to assist students investigate their potential. Accordingly, the College offers a range of Scholarships to ensure that circumstance does not inhibit promising students by restricting access to the innovative and well-resourced facilities available to students of Investigator College.

Students selected to participate in the scholarship program benefit in many ways.
Not only are they offered the support of developing to their fullest potential in a College which nurtures their special talent,
they are recognised for their skills and attributes.

2022 Scholarship Categories

Due to the exciting growth of our Middle and Senior Schools and Performing Arts Faculty,
Investigator College is thrilled to announce three new scholarship categories for 2022!

Year 5 Performing Arts Scholarship

Open to students commencing Year 5 in 2022 who demonstrate passion for and excellence in Music, Drama or Dance.
Students will need to submit a folio of work, and will not be required to sit the Scholarship Examination.

Middle School General Excellence Scholarship

Open to students commencing Year 7 or Year 8 in 2022.
Students should demonstrate a record of excellent academic, extra-curricular and community service.

Senior School Vocational and Academic Scholarship

Open to students commencing Year 10, 11 or 12 in 2022 who demonstrate
excellence in academic or vocationally oriented pursuits.

Scholarship Applications

2022 Scholarship Applications are now open.

PleaseĀ find the Application Form and further application information in the link below:
2022 Investigator College Scholarship Application Form

College Ambassadors

Through the College Ambassador Program, students can access financial support for extracurricular activities.
Central to the Investigator College Ambassador Program is the principle that young people can support and encourage their peers to actively participate in the diverse life of the College. Students can nominate or be selected for the College Ambassador Program in one or more of the following areas: individual talent, outstanding commitment, ability as young leaders, success in a particular extracurricular activity.

While all students are ambassadors for the College, students selected in the College Ambassador Program include those who receive special financial support through either the Scholarship Program and/or the College Ambassador Program, College Captains, House Captains and specific Student Representatives. The role of an Ambassador involves increasing participation in College activities, promotional events, and peer support, and is a role which includes a number of responsibilities.