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Unlocking your child’s creativity

Investigator College boasts extensive Music, Drama and Arts Programs which are delivered throughout Junior, Middle and Senior School. With state-of-the-art facilities including a theatre, music suite and art and textile area, students at Investigator College can explore their creative potential to its fullest.



The College Music program is an exciting and vibrant part of every students’ learning pathway. Junior School students enjoy annual visits from ‘Music-a-Viva’ and ‘Music is Fun’ as part of this exciting program, while Middle and Senior School students focus on ensemble and individual performance skills, as well as music theory and composition.
The College Music program also includes the facilitation of private music teachers who work directly with students, specialising in specific instruments.

Music Tutors 2022


Drama at Investigator College strives to give students the forum in which to express themselves and their thoughts on personal and societal values. Students take an active role in learning the basic skills and genres in Drama, and go on to create their own demonstrations, culminating in multiple performances to their peers, the school body and then the wider school community.

Through being able to publicly express opinions and perspectives safely and creatively, questioning themselves and their world through Drama, students find an inner confidence in their own decision-making ability and self-purpose.


Visual Arts

Visual Arts plays a key role in Middle and Senior School curriculum. It is an essential component in achieving that the student is provided with a holistic education, Visual Arts contributes to this in a myriad of ways. Art, in its largest sense, and within the boundaries of the curriculum is a medium that documents, questions, and critics. Visual Arts provides this form of communication to students and also engages them within a larger discourse, affording insight into practices both in historic and contemporary thought, not only in an art-related sphere, but in a broader sense examining political, social, cultural, and environmental issues.

The Visual Arts curriculum provides a framework from which students can develop, intellectually, personally and emotionally – regarding individuality of expression and communication, enhancing visual, verbal and written literacy.

Performances & Exhibitions

Each year the College presents and participates in a number of ensemble, community and public performances/exhibitions which include:

Tickets and further information on College performances are available through the Special Events page.