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For two weeks in August, a group of 18 Middle School students, two teachers and four volunteers headed up to the wonderful centre of Australia. Students camped in the red dirt in swags and tents, enjoying our beautiful country! Along with us, we had four INCREDIBLE volunteers: Harry, Nathan, Linda and Michael. These four people were our drivers, cooks, guides and an invaluable part of this trip. We could not do it without them and the trip would not be the same without their presence.
The first stop was time spent in the Indulkana Anangu School and community. Our students spent time in classes with students, learning about their culture and language. We also spent a day out bush, learning how to find and eat Maku (witchetty grubs) and cooking Malu Wipu (kangaroo tail) on the fire. The time spent together was some of the most cherished memories and has begun some lifelong friendships.
From Indulkana we went up to Uluru and Kata Tjuta National Park. The long walk around Uluru was an incredible experience to see one of the most impressive rock formations on the planet! The Valley of the Winds hike through the beautiful Kata Tjuta rock formation, with steep rock faces and descents was more challenging but well worth the effort!
A highlight for many was the Kings Canyon Rim Walk. With the initial steep ascent up to the rim out of the way, the rest of the walk was stunning and awe-inspiring. This was followed by a damper cooking competition with some excellent contenders.
The experiences and learning opportunities along the way were numerous and invaluable. It was the trip of a lifetime, with memories we will carry for the rest of our lives. We are looking forward to potentially hosting some students from Indulkana early in Term 4.

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