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The College is delighted to introduce into its ICT Curriculum a state-of-the-art 3D printer funded by the Australian Government through the Local Schools Community Fund. Students and staff will be training and experimenting with this truly 21st century technology adding its construction capacities to our suite of programming, coding and robotics offerings. As is always the case in innovative schools, students become “technology champions” and their experiences and input will be an important part of developing our curriculum to maximise opportunities for our students to share the world of 3D printing.

The Year 4s have been really busy during their Digital Technology lessons learning about how to use the 3D printing software. They have integrated their Humanities and Social Services (HASS) into their Digital Technology lessons by creating board game pieces. In HASS lessons students are creating board games about the First Fleet. For these board games, students have created 3D board game piece models using the 3D printer. Not all of these board game pieces have come out as planned but this is part of the design process of going back and remodelling it so that it prints the way they want it too. The students have loved using the 3D printer software and seeing the results of their hard work come to life.



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