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Learning for Tomorrow

Sustainability and the environment are important elements in the College’s overall approach to both management and education. The College has implemented a number of innovations, policies and plans to reduce our environmental impact and foster sustainability. Many of these innovations include long-term projects and community engagement which, in some way, involve activities and/or curriculum that stems from our Currency Creek Project. And our Trade Skills Centre initiative.

The College’s overall vision for its general operations, educating its students and the wider community is to ensure that every opportunity is taken to develop, nurture and empower responsible citizens of tomorrow.

Our Footprint

Investigator College is committed to attaining a carbon credit surplus. The College has already progressed in this endeavour, having completed the Sustainable Living EcoCentre, which includes solar system and solar passive design. Additionally, water at our sites is also retained and reused for all gardens and ovals. Further power and water-saving initiatives are also in place throughout the College.

Our Partners

There are many stakeholders in environmental based activities undertaken at Investigator College. Over the past 12 months the organisations and groups listed below have worked with the College or utilised the Sustainable Living EcoCentre and Currency Creek Trade Skills Centre and site. The College is currently participating in projects with the following partners:

NRM Education Adelaide Mount Lofty Ranges

NRM Education Murray Darling Basin

Botanic Gardens

Goolwa Wellington LAP


Environmental Leadership

Investigator College is an active participant within the local community. The College makes a concerted effort to engage in programs which not only benefit the local community but provide students with the opportunity to develop leadership and initiative. By engaging in these programs the College is able to nurture a sense of community ownership and responsibility in students and the wider College community.

Currency Creek Site

Investigator College’s Currency Creek site houses the Sustainable Living EcoCentre, Trade Skills Centre and Outdoor Education facility. Situated on 10Ha of waterfront land, which is currently being re-vegetated by students and the local community, this site provides opportunities for our students to gain hands-on experience in a range of subjects including geography, science, outdoor and environmental education.

The long-term vision for the site is to provide a facility which allows students (from all schools), families, the wider community and environmental stakeholders to experience, engage in, contribute to and develop a relationship with the local environment in a sustainable manner. The College has received several awards and commendations for work undertaken at the Currency Creek site.