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Our Receptions have been exploring our Currency Creek EcoCentre as part of their Biological Sciences unit ‘Staying Alive’.

Students engaged in a range of activities about the different types of living things found our site and the things they require to stay alive. There was a specific focus on the different bird species found at the Currency Creek EcoCentre. Students explored the habitats birds live in, what they eat and how they build their nests. Students also looked at ways we can attract birds into our own backyards at home by providing some of the things they need. Students also did some revegetation on the hillside and planted different species to provide food for the local Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoos and propagated three different species of native pigface from cuttings.

During the excursions, students were involved in nature play activities, like cubby house construction and creating artwork as they spent time outside exploring the natural environment.


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