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On the streets of Cebu City, a young mother pats down the thin cardboard sheets she is preparing for her three children to sleep on for the night. She uses the same care we would use to prepare our beds. For her and her children, this is home and she gratefully and humbly accepts the ‘lugaw’ our team offers her.

Whether it is the elderly man unable to rise from the footpath, the young mother cradling her young child, or the hundreds of others who call the streets home, the sights and sounds of those who are ignored and overlooked demand nothing of us. Their smiles, words of thanks, concern for others and kindness challenge all of us to reflect deeply on what it is to be human.
Our team of 12 witnessed these scenes repeatedly. Whether it was at the day camps we facilitated, the street feeding we participated in, the prison we visited or the worship we shared, what we left with far surpassed what we brought to offer them.
We want to give a huge thank you to the Investigator College community for the thousands they raised to support our partnership with IGC South East Asia.

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