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Investigator College and its leadership team are committed to thorough consultation processes, transparent and consistent decision making,
and clear and timely communication – all within agreed guidelines and policy frameworks.
As such, we recognise the need for expert leadership in a variety of areas, particularly:


  • Executive Leadership [Policy, Governance, Strategy, Compliance and Finance]
  • Wellbeing and Community Development [Pastoral and Spiritual  development – relationships]
  • Administration [Debtors/Creditors, Payroll, Budget, Development –  Promotions/Enrolments, Grounds and Maintenance]
  • Teaching and Learning / Curriculum [The ‘bread and butter’ of what we do].

While each of these areas NEVER work in isolation, each element has a requirement for specific skill sets and expertise.


Responsible for overall decision making for the College:

Mr John Robinson (Principal)
Mr Andrew Panozzo
(Deputy Principal and Director of Teaching and Learning),
Mr Mark McLaren (Business Manager),
Mr Nick Smith (Head of Junior School)
Mr Scott McGregor (Head of Middle School)
Mrs Belinda Delyster
(Head of Senior School and SACE/VET Coordinator),
Ms Melanie Scott (Campus Coordinator, Daily Organiser)



Mrs Belinda Delyster (Head of Senior School),
Mr Scott McGregor (Head of Middle School),
Mrs Melissa Belton
(Team Leader: Junior School, Year 3 – Year 7),
Mr Mark Tenny (Team Leader: Reception – Year 2)
Mrs Vanessa Harvie (Acting ELC Director)
Mrs Melanie Scott (Campus Coordinator, Daily Organiser)


Mr Mark McLaren (Business Manager)
Mrs Jenny Allan (Assistant Business Manager)



Ms Danielle Johnstone (Head of English)
Mrs Jodie O’Donnell (Head of HASS)
Mr Andrew Palumbo (Head of Health/PE)
Mr David Marks (Head of LOTE)
Mr Robert Oldham (Head of STEM)
Mrs Tanya Stopp (Band Leader: Reception-Year 2)
Mrs Melissa Belton (Band Leader: Year 3-6)