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Our school-wide pedagogy

We focus on the learning that happens inside and outside the classroom every day.

Led and supported by outstanding teachers, our students navigate their way through their lifelong learning journey, empowered by their own choices and connections, striving to continually improve, while always maintaining a wonder about the world around them.

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In our classes you will expect to see:


  • Teachers who are experts in their chosen fields
  • Discussions between students, groups of students and teachers about learning
  • Subject specific resources to facilitate learning
  • Relevant and up-to-date support materials Class debates
  • Teacher–led and self-directed learning tasks
  • Teacher-student discussions and planning
  • Varied assessment including peer assessment


  • Encouragement for all students to participate, to take risks and to reflect
  • Recognition of effort- a “Growth Mindset”
  • Recognition of high standards
  • A focus on continual improvement
  • External feedback opportunities for R-12, (e.g. ICAS, NAPLAN, standardised testing)
  • Regular feedback from teachers and peers
  • Showcasing of work via portfolios and collections
  • Multi-level tasks, promoting success and extension


  • A wide range of subjects
  • Creative thinking
  • Cooperative learning groups
  • Meaningful conversations
  • Assessments and tasks that include formal student planning and reflection
  • Community-based learning tasks
  • Celebration of Australia’s wide diversity of ethnic, religious and social make-up


  • Inquiry-based learning tasks
  • Multi-modal learning, including virtual settings Exploration and play-based learning
  • in Junior classes
  • Invigorating curriculum tasks that allow for individual  development
  • Creative and imaginative tasks
  • Clear connections with work and further study
  • Open ended investigations