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The Year 1 classes visited our Currency Creek EcoCentre on Thursday 3, 10 and 17 June as part of their Term 2 Biological Sciences unit. Students engaged in a range of activities that focussed on the different features of living things and where they live.

Students spent time exploring the different types of minibeasts that live in water, soil and on land at the Currency Creek EcoCentre. They studied the features of these different minibeasts and how these features enable them to live in their specific habitat.

During the excursions students were also involved in nature play activities, like cubby house construction, tree planting and Design Technology/Art activities as they spent time outside exploring the natural environment.

The traditional Year 1 ‘Late Night’ excursion was also incorporated into the final visit on Thursday 17 June. The aim of the Late Night in Year 1 is to help prepare students for the camp program which commences in Year 2. Students had the opportunity to observe the changes that occur between day and night at our Currency Creek site, which was one of the focuses of last terms Earth and Space Sciences unit.


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