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Our Year 3 classes visited our Currency Creek EcoCentre on Thursday 22 and 29 October and Thursday 12 November as part of their Biological Sciences unit. Students engaged in a range of activities that focussed on identifying the different features of living things and how we sort and classify them based on these features.

Students studied the birds found in the area and learnt how to identify different species. They explored why birds have different physical features and what this tells us about where they live and what they eat. Students also learnt how to identify different plants found at the site and spent time doing some propagation work in the nursery.

The students spent some time learning basic fishing skills with handlines. They used corn for bait and attempted to catch some carp. They learnt that carp are an introduced species and their presence in our water ways affects water quality and damages the habitat for native fish species.

Our EcoCentre is such a great learning facility and we love being able to spend time out there!

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