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The focus for last week’s Year 4 EcoCentre Excursion was on local frog species. Students were engaged in a range of interactive games and activities relating to the life cycle of frogs, how to identify different frog species, their role in the ecosystem, and what we can do to protect them. We spent time in our wetland space identifying different frog species by listening to their unique calls. One group successfully identified four different frog species including the Eastern Banjo Frog, the Common Froglet and the Spotted Marsh Frog.  Students also learnt about the Southern Bell Frog project which aims to reintroduce this species back into the local area. We would like to thank Rupert from Aquasave and Finders University who came to talk about the Southern Bell Frog project and how we can get involved.

To find out more about the Southern Bell Frog and the project you can visit the sites below.



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