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Our Year 5s have been spending time at our Currency Creek EcoCentre over the past weeks, with a specific learning focus on the adaptations of introduced plants and animals and how they have become such a big problem in the Australian environment.

In one session, the Year 5s focused on the adaptations of reptiles. Sylvia Zukowski and Cory Young from Aqua Save NGT led sessions on snakes and turtles.  During the turtle activity, Sylvia shared lots of information about local turtle species. Students also had the opportunity to put on waders and get in the water to retrieve fyke nets. We caught five turtles throughout the day, as well as lots of other aquatic animals. It was very exciting! Cory also led a session on snakes and lizards, and he brought in a few snakes and a lizard for students to handle. As part of this session, Cory shared about snake safety and how to treat a snake bite. It was a wonderful day and students were highly engaged in the different activities. Thank you to Sylvia and Cory for such great sessions.

Students also learnt about bats and the adaptations that help them to survive in their environment. Students looked at how bats fly and also the use of echolocation to help catch their prey.  Students looked at the work done in the MEGA Murray-Darling Microbat Project and how we can help protect local bat species. As part of this, students set an Anabat sensor to record the calls of local bat species living in the area. We are looking forward to finding out the results in the coming weeks. Thank you to Jacqui Wilson from GWLAP for leading this amazing session.

During the excursions, students were involved in nature play activities like cubby house construction as they spent time outside exploring the natural environment.

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